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    e-MarketCommunication is a 
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About e-MarketCommunication

e-MarketCommunication is a Havill & Company, Inc. Internet service that manages the flow of market information through our client’s sales channel to prospective buyers.  The system reduces marketing costs associated with printing and sending marketing materials through the mail or via courier, while at the same time improving responsiveness to customer inquiries.

e-MarketCommunication Marketing Policy

The practice of “spamming” through e-MarketCommunication is forbidden.  Designed as a business-to-business marketing tool, clients are encouraged to deliver content through e-MarketCommunication that is targeted to the known needs and interests of particular individuals and businesses.  We also request that clients respect the value of the recipient’s time by limiting the frequency of communication.

Opt-Out of Unwanted e-Mail

e-MarketCommunication incorporates controls that block unwanted e-mails.  Clients are requested to include instructions on all market communication for blocking future e-mails.


Security and Privacy Policy

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