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e-MarketCommunication is the only technology platform providing suppliers and their channel partners with a shared marketing system for managing the flow of market communication to prospective buyers.  It is ideally suited for distributing and managing sales leads, and for providing immediate responses to sales inquiries with electronic literature, engineering data, and links to your online catalogues and ordering systems. 

The system maintains a database of prospects, a library of marketing materials, and a list of sales contacts.  Whenever an inquiry is received, product and service interests are checked and the prospect is assigned a sales contact.  Literature fulfillment is either electronic or through the mail. 
memorizes these relationships for managing future marketing campaigns and promotions.

Buyers Want Fast Access to Purchase Information

Market studies show that a large and growing number of buyers prefer to research their purchase options over the Internet prior to placing an order.  They like the immediacy of receiving information electronically so they can narrow down their list of vendors prior to making their final purchase decision.  In addition, e-MarketCommunication manages traditional forms of communication, so buyers who want to receive information via telephone, fax, and mail are included.  e-MarketCommunication helps you manage the transition while lowering your overall market communication costs.

e-MarketCommunication is also an effective tool for maintaining market awareness and interest by providing new product and promotional information to prospects based on previous inquiries.  When this communication is electronic, the cost is negligible.

Immediate and Substantial Cost Savings

The cost to produce and deliver printed marketing material is an out-of-pocket expense.  Since e-MarketCommunication utilizes Internet technology, the cost to maintain and distribute these materials is significantly reduced.  Most new subscribers will realize an immediate cost savings by providing literature fulfillment electronically.

To estimate your savings, begin by adding up your monthly postage and courier costs: UPS, FedEx, Airborne, etc.  Next, factor in your equivalent monthly cost for printed materials, such as letterhead, brochures, spec sheets, and envelopes.  Estimate the labor cost to assemble these documents, stuff envelopes, apply postage, and mail.  Then, divide this total into $80 to determine the percent reduction you need for e-MarketCommunication to pay for itself.


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