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e-MarketCommunication is a program developed and supported by Havill & Company, Inc. (DBA Havill Consultants).  Our projects have taken us throughout the United States, Canada, Europe and South America where we have conducted marketing studies in English, French, and Spanish.

Havill & Company is focused on transportation, energy, manufacturing, and technology corporations with a focus on business-to-business marketing.  Growth has resulted from our 15-year solid track record of implementing sales growth and profit improvement programs for client firms.  Havill & Companyís current organizational structure is comprised of three business units discussed below:

Market Research and Consulting

The services provided by our Market Research and Consulting group enable our clients to accurately measure the size, structure and occurring trends of their industry, markets and customer base.  Our suite of research methodologies includes multi-client industry studies, proprietary executive interviewing, focus group research, and competitive analysis projects.  In addition, Business Strategy Audit and Planning Programs convert market intelligence into an integrated marketing strategy.

Marketing Information Services

The mission of the Marketing Information Services (MIS) group is to turn raw data into useful business intelligence.  To do this, the MIS group develops a model of our clientís market based on D&Bís database of 11 million businesses.  MIS group conducts market opportunity analysis, site analysis, database mining and modeling, and direct marketing campaign management.

Relationship Management Systems

The Relationship Management Systems (RMS) group provides software solutions that enable clients to effectively manage their prospect and customer relationships.  This process begins with marketing, progresses through sales, and finally closes the loop with customer service and technical support.  The core value resides in the market database developed by the MIS group.  The RMS group enables access to this database with customer relationship management (CRM) software, management reporting, training, and technical support.


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