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By Justin Zohn

Senior Consultant


Dear Marketer,

Business managers want to reduce their cost of sales and marketing without adversely effecting revenue.  Too often, this means cutting back on advertising expenses 

and sales personnel.  While sometimes necessary, this approach rarely provides a competitive advantage. 

When management turns to computer solutions to boost productivity, today’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) programs fall short.  Too often they simply force marketing and sales personnel to enter tasks and activities into a computer.  What is really needed is a different approach, a better way of processing marketing and sales information.

Our company has built an e-Suite of Services designed around the business rules of the marketplace.  The result is an intuitive tool that is easy to learn and use, providing a common technology platform that links a supplier to its channel partners and customers. 

This network approach is possible because each user controls which relationships to share with other channel partners, and which to treat as privileged and confidential.  With the consolidation taking place in the marketplace, this provides a unique advantage when a corporation has multiple companies selling to a common customer base through overlapping distribution. 

Rather than explaining all of the ways our technology replicates information flow in the marketplace, we suggest subscribing to e-MarketCommunication as risk free path to begin building your own marketing system; just $80 per month with a money back guarantee.  Please refer to the letter from our President for more information on the benefits of this implementation path.

As an account manager, I would also appreciate the opportunity to personally review with you the services we offer.  Please call me directly at (419) 841-2244 if you have questions or need further information.  I am confident that you will find unique value in our services.

Best regards,

Justin Zohn

Senior Consultant



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