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e-MarketOpportunity is the only technology platform providing an online interface to your virtual marketplace.  At its core is the D&B database of eleven million businesses.  When you import or directly enter your own marketing lists, you have access to a truly unique tool for quantifying your market potential, characterizing your good customers, measuring market share, and pinpointing new opportunities.  Once you identify new opportunities, the system’s record purchasing and sharing features make lead acquisition and distribution to sales associates and channel partners a snap.  In addition, you have the e-MarketCommunication features available for creating and managing direct marketing campaigns.

You Can't Improve What You Can't Measure, a Management Axiom

Unfortunately, most business managers only see the revenue side of their marketplace.  To effectively allocate resources and evaluate the performance of their sales associates and channel partners, managers need a relative measure of market share, revenue versus available market opportunity.  
e-MarketOpportunity provides this relative measure by identifying prospects that look like your good customers across your geographic market.  In addition, e-MarketOpportunity’s real-time report tools allow you to segment your market by a variety of geographic and demographic variables to identify poor performance and take corrective action.

More than a management tool, e-MarketOpportunity has the built-in tools to act on identified opportunities.  At the core of this service are powerful statistical algorithms for generating market scores and credit scores.  Together, these predictive scores indicate the likelihood of a prospect looking like a profitable customer.  This technology is the basis for developing record selection criteria for purchasing leads and direct marketing lists.

More High Potential Leads Boost Sales Productivity

But, e-MarketOpportunity is more than a tool for identifying market opportunity and acquiring leads that look like profitable customers, it also provides real-time control over the sales pipeline.  As a rule of thumb, a backlog of 1,000 high potential leads is recommended for each sales associate.  Many business-to-business sales people spend too much time looking for prospects and not enough time selling to “already-qualified” buyers.  Much of the time spent driving through business districts and industrial parks or sifting through the Yellow Pages, could be spent more effectively meeting with qualified prospects, understanding their needs, and providing business solutions that translate into sales for your company.

e-MarketOpportunity eliminates much of the need for prospecting.  Sales associates and channel partners receive fresh prospects that look like your good customers so they can begin selling right away.  e-SalesSupport can then be used to track the sales process from lead qualification, fact-finding, and proposal to retention and marketing.  These services are linked, allowing marketing and sales to work together to ensure an adequate supply of fresh leads to sales associates and channel partners.


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