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Your dedicated e-MarketOpportunity account manager initially configures your system.  First, a customer file analysis is conducted to identify the demographic and geographic variables that characterize your market.  The resulting model is then applied to our national database of businesses in order to identify prospects that look like your good customers.  Together, these databases define your virtual market.

Analyzing Your Virtual Market Through e-MarketOpportunity

e-MarketOpportunity employs a powerful market segmentation and analysis tool called the criteria center.  Here, records can be selected and sorted by demographic and geographic variables contained in your 
database.  For example, you can set criteria for construction businesses with 10 or more employees within 50 miles of a sales office.  These criteria can be named and saved for future reference.  A variety of market size, market share, sales pipeline, and sales follow-up reports can then be generated from these criteria sets.

e-MarketOpportunity is a robust management tool for identifying new market opportunities, measuring the performance of sales associates and channel partners, and realigning sales territories.  It also provides a solid platform for developing record selection criteria for purchasing leads and direct marketing lists.

Seamlessly Integrate e-MarketCommunication and e-SalesSupport

Once you have identified your market opportunity and acquired fresh leads for your sales associates and channel partners, you can take advantage of powerful marketing and sales tools available from e-MarketCommunication and e-SalesSupport.  The link to e-MarketCommunication enables marketers to supplement their prospect database.  As inquiries are received, product and service interests are recorded and the prospect is assigned a sales contact.  Literature fulfillment is either electronic or through the mail. 
memorizes these relationships for managing future marketing campaigns and promotions.

The link to e-SalesSupport provides your selling organization access to a database of high potential sales leads.  The system employs a four-stage selling process: qualification, fact-finding, proposal, and marketing or retention.  All of the sales planning, tracking, reporting and communication tools required to carry out a successful sales campaign are incorporated into e-SalesSupport.  The system also provides one-button import and export functions to PDAs and other disparate platforms.

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