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e-MarketOpportunity implementations vary in size and scope.  For example, our largest implementation includes a database of 1.5 million prospects across a market of 20,000 outlets.  For that reason, all e-MarketOpportunity projects are priced according to our standard fee schedule that is customary and normal.  As a limited time promotion, you also receive three month’s online access to your e-MarketOpportunity system for segmenting your market and running custom reports.

After three months, access to your virtual market through e-MarketOpportunity is available with an e-MarketOpportunity subscription.  The monthly subscription is $80 plus $20 for each 3-digit zip code included within your market.  Systems with market areas that exceed 100 3-digit zip codes are quoted separately.  Your e-MarketOpportunity subscription can be cancelled at any time.

How to Subscribe

Please call or e-mail Justin Zohn, our e-MarketOpportunity senior consultant, for more information and to learn how to subscribe to e-MarketOpportunity.  Justin can be reached at (419) 841-2244 or jzohn@havillconsultants.com.


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