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e-SalesSupport provides sales associates and channel partners with the same tools available to marketers through e-MarketCommunication.  In addition, 
builds in
tools for managing the sales process from lead qualification, fact-finding, and proposal, to marketing and retention.

e-SalesSupport and e-MarketCommunication are linked services.  No other market communication system enables seamless collaboration between marketing and sales.  Sales has access to a database of prospects, a library of marketing materials, and online literature fulfillment and marketing support.  Marketing has access to a database of customers and prospects that is being continuously updated with market intelligence from the day-to-day activities of sales associates and channel partners.

Effective Target Marketing Improves Sales Productivity

Normal customer attrition from business relocations or closings necessitates that sales bring on new accounts.  This requires educating prospects about the distinctive features and benefits of your offering, and building new customer relationships.  While advertising can create a positive company image, it falls short in communicating the complex messages that are common in business-to-business markets.  Therefore, consultative selling is required.

Here, sales faces two challenges.  The first is creating a sufficient level of awareness, interest, and desire to engage target prospects in the selling process; and second, maintaining relationships through market communication when the purchase decision process is prolonged or infrequent.  To be productive, sales needs marketing support that is timed and targeted to the particular stage for each prospect in the sales cycle.

Sales Support that is Quick and Easy

Suppliers assign their national accounts sales team to large customers.  These buyers are frequently smothered with marketing communication.  In the mid-market, however, this high cost of sales cannot be justified.  Instead, the task of developing relationships and maintaining communication is relegated to sales associates and channel partners.  Too frequently, they receive few tools and little support, requiring them to carry the marketing burden along with their sales duties.

e-SalesSupport provides a scalable solution to sales associates and channel partners.  With this tool, suppliers are able to provide a database of prospects, a library of marketing materials, online literature fulfillment, and marketing support.  e-SalesSupport fulfills the need to integrate market communication with sales management activities.


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