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Over the past 15 years, Havill & Company has conducted hundreds of business-to-business market research studies, implemented thousands of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions, and prepared telemarketing and direct mail databases targeting millions of prospects.  

From this experience, we have built the only technology platform for clients who want their own marketing system to:

         Substantially reduce marketing costs by transitioning to electronic media, which is increasingly preferred among buyers; and away from expensive printed materials that become dated and are time consuming to print and deliver

         Provide sales associates and channel partners with a common marketing support tool that enables corporate marketing, sales associates and channel partners to manage target marketing campaigns based on intelligence gathered from prior sales contacts

         Measure market opportunity and market penetration in order to more effectively allocate resources and monitor the performance of sales associates and channel partners

New subscribers begin with e-MarketCommunication, an Internet system that manages the flow of marketing information through your companyís sales channel to prospective buyers.  It is ideally suited for distributing and managing sales leads, and for providing immediate responses to sales inquiries with electronic literature, engineering data, and links to your online catalogues and ordering systems.  At just $80 per month and a money back guarantee, this service can be up and running in a few days.  It is the best way to adapt Internet marketing technology to your business and learn about the full capabilities of our integrated marketing system.

Next, clients will be interested in adding e-MarketOpportunity, an online interface to their virtual marketplace.  At its core is the D&B database of eleven million businesses.  When clients import or directly enter their own marketing lists, they have a powerful tool for quantifying their market potential, characterizing their good customers, measuring market share, and pinpointing new opportunities.  Once new opportunities are identified, the systemís record purchasing and sharing features make lead acquisition and distribution to sales associates and channel partners a snap.

e-SalesSupport extends the suite of marketing tools throughout the clientís marketing organization and sales channel.  It employs a truly unique record-sharing algorithm that allows record owners complete control over sharing rights between sales organizations and channel partners.  This enables collaboration between marketing and sales.  Sales has access to a database of prospects, a library of marketing materials, and online literature fulfillment and marketing support.  Marketing has access to a database of customers and prospects that is being continuously updated with market intelligence from the day-to-day activities of sales associates and channel partners.

Together, our suite of services provides a completely integrated marketing solution for identifying new opportunities, targeting high potential prospects, supporting the selling process, and measuring market performance.  Furthermore, the e-suite of services has been designed to replicate the flow of business-to-business market information, so setup and training requirements are minimal.


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