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Nicholas Havill,
President of
Havill & Company

Dear Marketer,

There is little doubt that marketing is entering a new era of dramatic productivity gains.  Currently, an industry thrives on printing, binding, stuffing, stamping, mailing, 

driving, and flying brochures, catalogues, and proposals from sellers to buyers.  But marketing communication is informational not physical, and travels instantly over the Internet at practically no cost.  Economic incentives are too compelling to prevent marketers from adopting this technology.

While cost alone is sufficient reason to implement your marketing system, the speed and availability of information throughout your marketing organization and sales channel may offer a more sustainable competitive edge.  Our company is the only technology provider that allows sales associates and channel partners to share a common marketing database while maintaining complete control over information sharing rights.  The platform integrates data from virtually every Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System, enabling organizations and channel partners with disparate CRM systems to share a common marketing system.

Our technology differs from other commercially available products.  The relationship we have with our clients is also different.  We do not believe in expensive, lengthy implementations where outcomes are unpredictable.  Marketers are simply looking for value-added tools that can easily be integrated into their marketing and sales processes.  For that reason, we developed e-MarketCommunication.  At just $80 per month and a money back guarantee, this service can be up and running in a few days.  It is the best way to adapt Internet marketing technology to your business and learn about the full capabilities of our integrated marketing system.

If you believe that Internet marketing technology will advance your business, I would urge your company to take advantage of this promotional subscription offer.  If you have questions or need further information, please contact me at (419) 841-2244, or by e-mail at nhavill@havillconsultants.com.  I am confident you will find many unique features of our suite of marketing services that deliver both revenue and cost savings benefits. 

Best regards,

Nicholas R. Havill,




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