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    e-SalesSupport is a 
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As a subscriber, you will be assigned a dedicated account manager who will schedule an online training session at your convenience.  Your account manager provides technical support as well as guidance on best practices using e-SalesSupport. 

Once your account has been setup, your logon password is e-mailed to you.  After logging on to e-SalesSupport, you can begin compiling your database of prospects and library of marketing materials.  This information is pre-loaded by suppliers that choose to provide marketing support to their sales associates and channel partners.

As a Hosted Service, e-SalesSupport Requires No IT Support

With e-SalesSupport, there is no software to purchase and no support required from your IT department.  Any computer with web access, Internet Explorer 5.0 or later, and MS Word 2000 can be used.  The efficient design of e-SalesSupport enables mobile users to manage their marketing and sales activities with their notebook computers.

e-SalesSupport is Intuitive and Easy to Use

e-SalesSupport employs a four stage selling process: qualification, fact-finding, proposal, and marketing or retention.  All of the sales planning, tracking, reporting, and communication tools required to carry out a successful sales campaign are incorporated into e-SalesSupport.  The system also provides one-button import and export functions to PDAs, and other disparate platforms.

e-SalesSupport is an effective tool for maintaining market awareness and interest.  Direct marketing campaigns can be constructed by segmenting prospects based on interests that were expressed during previous sales activities.  Loyalty programs managed through e-SalesSupport are cost effective and easy to create.

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